Solid User Authentication in Javascript Apps

February 26, 2019: This is adapted from a reddit post I made (that didn’t really get any traction. After googling for a few hours about user authentication in modern Javascript apps, and I think I’ve got a decent handle on it. So I wanted to share my findings for anyone who happens across this post in their own google searches. Note that the details below apply best where you or your organization can make decisions for the client-side app and the server/API.

Searchable Drop-Downs in Salesforce

November 9, 2016: If you find yourself using Salesforce for Visualforce pages, you may run into a couple of limitations for drop-down boxes in forms. Primary among those: drop-downs with many choices are difficult to navigate. Many users get frustrated sorting through many choices, and it can be difficult to find a value if you don’t know the exact spelling.

'Contact Me' Forms in Static Sites

June 24, 2015: In my first post on this blog, I talked about all the reasons that a static site can be useful for a portfolio site. Still, there’s one glaring deficiency out of the box: without a database, it’s difficult for visitors to leave a note or get in touch with you. This post outlines the steps I took to fill that deficiency using Formspree, the jQuery Validation plugin and some basic javascript.

Building a Portfolio Site with Jekyll

June 22, 2015: It took me a long time to decide how to put together this portfolio website. I build apps for the web every day, so you’d think this would be easy, but my options at work consist of the tools my workplace uses. My surplus of options made it hard to get started.